Global challenges
local utopias

How do YOU imagine the world in 20 years?

We want to celebrate the launch of Turning.Site with YOU and invite you very warmly to our online event on

Tuesday 21st December, 4pm – 7pm (Central European Time).

The following programme is waiting FOR YOU:

1. Inclusive Territories - sustainable spaces for local communities, nature, animals

Talk with Fabio Zabala-Forero, Fundación ProTerra (Colombia)

Fabio introduces the vision of how we can live together: In the understanding and experiences of diverse actors from social and ecological movements and resistances in Colombia, a „territory“ describes a physical and spiritual ecosystem in which the needs of all the people, animals and nature are interrelated and thought together. „Inclusive territories“ are therefore communities of life on a piece of land/town/area where all these needs are reconciled – through mutual

consideration, sustainability and solidarity.

Foundación ProTerra:

2. Radical Resilience - Ways of sustainable activism and emotional self-care

with Lian & Delila, Makers of the film "Radical Resilience"

In this short workshop, we'll watch a few film sequences from "Radical Resilience" and then reflect on and share together how we feel about the situation of the world. Finding a good way of handling our feelings helps strengthen our engagement and prevent us from sinking into powerlessness. But often we pay this too little attention in our efforts for change; we suppress our emotions or treat them as a taboo subject. It can be difficult to face up to the reality, especially when so much is going wrong in the world. That's why the focus of this workshop is how we can reconnect to our emotions and to the world that surrounds us.

Radical Resilience:

3. How do you imagine the world in 20 years’ time and how do we get there?

Exchange session with the makers of TURNING.SITE

Are you inspired to change the world? What is your vision for the future? How are you engaged in this change? Join us to exchange ideas! You will have the chance to share in a small group first, get inspired by others afterwards and post your story on the website in the end. Feel free to have a picture ready to upload.

Find the complete programme and time table here: