About US

Turning Site is a project of CAMBIO e.V. CAMBIO is a group of people who want to bring forward the social ecological change through global learning projects. Founded in 2015 in Dresden, Germany CAMBIO counts more than 30 members and active participants.

Find more information on Cambio on the website: https://cambio-aktionswerkstatt.de/

In a team of four people we create TURNING SITE as our first online project.

Anika: Hello everybody! I came up with this project because I am fed up with only negative news! We need to inform ourselves whats up in the world but we need also inspiring stories to gain more energy to move forward and to see that we are part of a worldwide movement which wants to make the world a little less aweful… 😉

Saskia: I am part of Turning Site because I feel deeply connected to our planet and the earth. I want to inspire others to become active and to protect the foundation and beauty of our life for the future generations. I also feel that the system we live in doesn’t have equal chances for everyone. I don’t know yet how to change this. That’s why I want to bring forward a platform where we can exchange our trial and errors and create a think tank of solutions In a world where fear and guilt is on a high rate I believe that focusing more on the positive helps our psyche to build up resilience and belonging.

Lisa: Hi all! My motivation to work on this website stems from my university degrees; sustainable tropical forestry and ecology & conservation.
While traveling in East Africa and South East Asia, I encountered many enthusiastic and dedicated local people who engaged in or initiated grassroots projects to make their community, livelihoods and environment more sustainable and healthy in an ecological and social way. With this website, I hope that these grassroots stories get a platform to be heard globally and to inspire others to take action locally

Luana: I had the honourable task to create the website for this project. I am glad to contribute to this with my skills and work and put those into something of real value. I am greatful for this project, because it showcases such a positive perspective on the present and future of our world. If you would like to know more about me/or my work you’ll find more information on: https://luaslooks.de/

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