Rural Aquaculture Development → Training and helping rural families with fish farming (Uganda)

My vision for the world in 20 years time is that women and vulnerable groups in rural Uganda have the access and skills to generate a sustainable income and have enough healthy food to feed their families.
People in rural areas will have access to land and the know-how to produce healthy and protein-rich foods on their land. There will be enough knowledge and resources to sustain a healthy diet and prevent malnourishment.

I am teaching fish farming skills and technical know-how to local women groups and communities in rural Uganda. I am part of the project Rural Aquaculture Development – a community basic organisation which works together with Coventry University in the UK.
As part of the program, local ponds are build which are managed by a single family or community groups together. Everyone in the community helps with the building of the ponds.

Training in fish farming provides the skills to ensure food security and sovereignty.

Pauson Joshua

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